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Theater Games are a process applicable to any field, discipline, or subject matter which creates a place where full participation, communication, transformation can take place.

__ Viola Spolin

Our Mission ...

Intuitive Learning Systems is a non profit organization devoted to furthering the philosophy and teachings of Viola Spolin throughout the United States and the world.

We do this through specialized workshops, public performances, and distribution of Viola Spolinís written and recorded works.

Our goal is to expand our offerings by:

  • Developing new teaching tools (DVD multimedia, video, audio, and Web based)
  • Mentoring instructors to lead additional seminars and workshops
  • Providing an online forum for connecting Theater Games coaches and players worldwide
  • Building a training and resource center to facilitate these goals

Our purpose is to evoke the personal genius and spontaneous creative spirit that exists in all of us. Our performances, public classes and customized workshops invite people of every age and background to explore the joy and intuitive power of improvisation as conceived and structured by Viola Spolin. Please Donate to our Kickstarter Campaign to help make this happen.

Who is Viola Spolin?

Viola Spolin is the internationally recognized originator
of Theater Games - the basis of improvisational theater. Along with her son, Paul Sills, Viola Spolin created the techniques utilized by the founders of Chicago's
Second City as well as thousands of other improvisational troupes worldwide.

Her work is recognized by many sectors of society outside the theatrical circle. It is a respected and cherished tool for directors, educators and psychologists and has benefited many, in their everyday lives, who have been exposed to it.

Everyone can act. Everyone can improvise. Anyone who wishes to can play in the theater... If the environment permits it, anyone can learn whatever he chooses to learn, and if the individual permits it, the environment will teach him everything it has to teach. ... "Talent" or "lack of talent" have very little to do with it.
__ Viola Spolin, "Improvisation for the Theater"

Please take a few moments to read about our foundation and our plans. Consider making a donation to help bring Viola Spolin's work to a wider audience.

Intuitive Learning Systems